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Show Secretary Login

The first step in the show secretary login process is the authorisation of club contacts and for security reasons this is a manual process managed by OZentries. If you have not been authorised as a club contact and believe you should be, please contact OZentries via our Helpdesk requesting login details.

Once you have been provided with login details the next step is to login at login page and enter your username and password then click login.

If you do not have login details or have forgotten them then go to the login page click on Retrieve Login Details and enter your email address. Once submitted you will immediately receive an automated email advising of all authorised clubs login details held for that email address. If you are not yet authorised then you will need to contact OZentries.

Initial Login:

Following login all shows held by the club for the last 2-3 years (may be more) are displayed. From this page paper entries can be added and shows selected to perform other show functions and create downloads.

Show Selection:

Once a show is selected:

  1. A show summary is displayed – a PDF stetement print-out can be produced as well.
  2. Full exhibitor and entry details can be viewed.
  3. Entry changes, cancellations and refunds may be processed by the show secretary where necessary.
  4. Mail fee options can be reviewed.
  5. Banking details can be viewed and updated.
  6. Shows can be closed at a convenient time for show secretary/cataloguer.
  7. Paper entries can be added (see below).
  8. The downloads page can be accessed - see below for details of all downloads.

Add Paper Entries:

This facility is provided so that a full record of a show may be created and appropriate event documentation can be done e.g. exhibitor and entry downloads, catalogues, judge/stewards books and sheets, exhibit armband/lapel cards etc.

When adding paper entries the show secretary can select one or more shows and then input the exhibit registration number to pre-fill details if currently held. If no details are held then they must be entered, but will be retained for next time use. On submission entries will be added for all selected shows for that exhibit.


The following downloads are provided by OZentries for all shows:

  1. Exhibitor, entry, extras and breed numbers (for social media publication) as separate workbooks in XLSX format for Microsoft Excel.
  2. Show catalogues in DOCX format for Microsoft Word. A range of personal preferences can be chosen for catalogue presentation.
  3. Judges books in DOCX format for Microsoft word.
  4. Exhibit armband/lapel cards that can be downloaded and used for printing and/or automatically emailed to exhibitor to print their own.
  5. Stewards sheets for use in group and general specials judging.
  6. Challenge sertificate print download file for show secretaries to use for automated printing of challenge certificates at shows.
  7. For show secretaries that prefer our older CSV for Microsoft Excel download formats on-line entries, these are still available as well.